Monday, January 30, 2012


Today was a long day. It was a day full of thoughts I didn't want to think and decisions looming in the distance slowly growing closer. I know that everything will work out just the way it should, and in the end (well, is it ever really the end?) things will in fact be great and better than they have before. However, today... it just seemed long and overwhelming.

On the ride home I started to feel physically sick. I had gotten myself so stressed out that it was affecting my body. Then I realized. I haven't had a single moment to myself in a week. So I asked my lovely husband, who had already had toddler duty for the entire day, if he could take on being "the one in charge" so I could have a moment to recharge. He, of course, gladly said yes.

I dropped the boys at home, promised Dex I would be back soon to play, and I drove. I didn't go far. I just went to grab a chai. Just a few minutes alone. I started to breathe again. I grabbed my drink and sat for a minute, but it was just too loud. There were people talking and music playing and... I'm an introvert. I just needed quiet. So I hopped back in the car and started driving home. I turned off the radio, and just listened to the rain and the sound of the windshield wipers.

And then I was really able to breathe. And by the time I got back I was ready to be a good mom again.

Because sometimes we all just need a few moments to recharge.

So we can get back to these faces.

First he drew this guy with "crazy hair"

Then he drew another guy and said he was sad. So he drew a friend so he wasn't alone anymore. Then he was happy.
My sweet boy. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I've tried to start this a few times. But I guess all I want to say is

My house is quiet

Bedtime, for the time being, has been much more pleasant

And I just want to sit and appreciate the fact that I have two sleeping children

Good night and sweet dreams and wishes of calm children to all

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Places to Go: Austin Science and Nature Center

So I sometimes have a hard time navigating the sites that talk about things to do in Austin. Having a pretty limited budget and two small children, our outings can get sort of limited. And then once we find somewhere to go- we end up going there quite often because we know we like it, but I'm ready to explore. We now have our new Ergo and we are ready to roll. 

This weekend we went to the Austin Science and Nature Center. It was really fun. This is one of the places Logan likes to take Dex when they have a boys' day. I was lucky enough to be invited along this time. It is really cool. Right next to Zilker Park, there is a lot of room to run and things to see. There are live animals to check out, a reptile (yuck) house, a ton of birds, hiking trails, and a pit where you can dig for dinosaur fossils. 

I would say it's pretty appropriate for all ages. You can modify a lot of the activities to any age kid. Dex walked 98% of the way while hiking. I'm so bad with guessing distances, but we maybe hiked 2-3 miles? He just needed to be carried on a couple parts where there were steep stairways. There are some cacti along the way, so you need to be a little careful, but other than that we were pretty much just able to let him run/walk along and enjoy the peacefulness. We didn't encounter too many people even though it was a gorgeous Saturday, so we really got to feel like part of the nature. 

I would definitely recommend it. PLUS- it's free!

Daddy helping with shoes

Leading to the dino pit

Looking at some sort of reptile

The lookout on top to see all of Austin

Dex pretended it was a pirate ship

Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Day

One day...

One day your favorite place won't be two inches away from my face. Tugging on my pants for me to follow you.
One day you won't proclaim "Huggie!" and jump into my arms. Finding the sweet spot around my neck that you fit in just so.
One day you won't have a high pitch giggle and squeal. So loud you make everyone in the restaurant turn around.
One day you won't give me kisses. "All the kisses"
One day you won't sit in my lap. Do anything you can for five more minutes of cuddles.

And you.

One day I won't be able to make you stop crying by only offering myself.
One day you won't smile at every single thing I do.
One day I won't be the only one you want around. You will sometimes not want me around at all.

And knowing that these moments are fleeting. Just a blink of the eye. Is what gets me by. The nights of one waking up after the other after the other. Trading beds and offering comfort so you can get back to sleep while I stay awake for the duration. Sacrificing my body, my energy, my mental capacity. Some days I'm at the edge. But then I stop. And think. That this is it. This is the time when I am your everything. And soon it will be over, and I will be but a mere onlooker from the bleachers.

So for now. While it gets trying some days. I am happy to sacrifice my body, my energy, my mental capacity.

Because this is our time. And we'll never get it back

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Happy New Year everyone!

We rang in the new year surrounded by family and games and Dex running around like a mad man. It was a lot of fun and I'm so happy that I got to start the first seconds of 2012 with kisses all around from my three boys.

Here are some thoughts about what I accomplished in 2011 and what I hope to accomplish in 2012 (I meant to get this finalized and more put together- but I actually had two days in a row with Logan, so there has been more cuddling than computer time)

What I accomplished in 2011
*Had a baby (um... pretty great accomplishment if you ask me)
*Got a new job and helped achieve record sales.
*Moved to a new apt

What I hope to accomplish in 2012
*Start an exercise routine that I actually keep up. Be able to run a few miles. Enter some races.
*Along with the last post- lose the last 10 pounds that keep sticking around post baby babies.
*Figure out how to keep my home clean. No. Seriously. This is a huge goal.
*Take a photography class.
*Take an exercise class (zumba?)
*Take nicer portrait pics of my kiddos
*Move into a (rented) house with a YARD
*Spend more quality time with Logan
*Eat healthier. Make homemade baby food for K. Keep better track of what I'm giving to Dex. Make grocery lists and menus and be more organized about the whole process.
*Take this blog to new places. Places around Austin. Instead of only being an occasional update on our lives, also try to make it a reference guide to places and events to take your kiddos in and around Austin.
*Get Dex to figure out how to sleep normally
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