Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Day

One day...

One day your favorite place won't be two inches away from my face. Tugging on my pants for me to follow you.
One day you won't proclaim "Huggie!" and jump into my arms. Finding the sweet spot around my neck that you fit in just so.
One day you won't have a high pitch giggle and squeal. So loud you make everyone in the restaurant turn around.
One day you won't give me kisses. "All the kisses"
One day you won't sit in my lap. Do anything you can for five more minutes of cuddles.

And you.

One day I won't be able to make you stop crying by only offering myself.
One day you won't smile at every single thing I do.
One day I won't be the only one you want around. You will sometimes not want me around at all.

And knowing that these moments are fleeting. Just a blink of the eye. Is what gets me by. The nights of one waking up after the other after the other. Trading beds and offering comfort so you can get back to sleep while I stay awake for the duration. Sacrificing my body, my energy, my mental capacity. Some days I'm at the edge. But then I stop. And think. That this is it. This is the time when I am your everything. And soon it will be over, and I will be but a mere onlooker from the bleachers.

So for now. While it gets trying some days. I am happy to sacrifice my body, my energy, my mental capacity.

Because this is our time. And we'll never get it back

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