Sunday, October 23, 2011

Side by Side

When I found out I was going to have a second child, I was obviously excited. However, I was already so acquainted with my first born that it seemed impossible to me that I was actually going to have a different kid. Not just another Declan. That seemed even weirder to me once I found out it was a boy. 

Now, I stare at them. I look at their faces and pay attention to every detail of their personality. I love looking at their similarities and differences. Here are some pics for you to see them together. 

They have definite similarities and differences in their faces. Dex has Logan's eyes and more of my nose. Kieran has more my eyes and Logan's nose. However, they seem to pull it off to look alike anyway. 

Here are my boys...

**Sorry for the terrible quality of Declan's pictures. The ones that were most helpful were old cell phone pics.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Surprise Pictures

So today when I went to upload pictures I took a couple of days ago (let's face it... nothing gets done quickly anymore)... I found some surprise pictures from an outing that Logan and Dex took. Most of the pics are going into other posts, but I thought you would like a snippet of their afternoon.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Halloween!

It is really fun for me that Declan is older now, and is more excited about holidays. We've been gearing up for Halloween. Getting into the fall spirit and talking about what we want to dress up like. Dex completely decided for himself. So here are our boys ready for Fall.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Things that make me happy...

1. Coffee
2. Tiny lion costumes
3. When it's actually cool enough in the morning that we have to wear sweatshirts
4. Lunch breaks with my little family
5. Making plans with friends
6. Looking at paintings by my two year old on the wall
7. Catch up phone calls
8. Multiple home-cooked meals in a week
9. This face

10. This face

 11. Oh yeah... and these eyes

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


So, I've never really talked much (on here anyway) about breastfeeding. I guess I feel as though it is time now, because my feelings are different now with baby number two.

With Declan, breastfeeding was pretty much the hardest work I had ever done. My body wasn't completely built for it, and he had a hard-ish time latching. When I was in the hospital, a nurse had to assist me every single time, and I ended up giving him some formula right from the get-go because there was NO WAY I could nurse him while any visiting person was in the room. I had to have complete focus to attempt to do it.

This didn't deter me from doing it. It took a solid six weeks at least to get the hang of it. They say it usually takes about three. Not for us. It hurt. So badly. I would have to hold my breath and count to take my mind off the pain of him latching and starting to eat. I had to watch where he was, so using a cape wasn't really an option. Basically I would have to get naked from the waist up and cry during the whole thing. OH, and he was never really satiated. He ate. All. The. Time. There were days when I couldn't remember my last time outside because I was stuck on the couch feeding him. He would eat every hour and for 45 minutes each time. Now, folks that don't know... that means about 15 minutes in the mean time. I didn't eat unless Logan was there to feed me.

I made it through six months with both nursing and some formula. I knew that I was doing the best thing for him and that there were benefits for me. I felt the bond between us. But it was work. And I really did feel like I had "gotten through" it rather than enjoyed our special time together.

This time it is so different. I don't know if it is because my body changed from Dex, or if Kieran is just a different baby. From the first time he latched on, he was a pro. He eats efficiently and gets right to it. He fills himself up quickly and while it's more often than the "every three hours" I hear happens with other babies, (Not mine, that's for sure) it works. It is so much more convenient than lugging formula around everywhere, and so much more cost effective. With him I am able to use a cover and feed him any time anywhere. I am slowly getting over my consciousness of the public around me and realize that I'm doing what is best for my baby.

While I think it changes the relationship that Logan has with him, I'm really happy that this is all working out better this time around.

And I figure that since we're not spending money on formula because I'm able to provide nourishment for our baby... a little bit of that money we're saving can be spent on yummy treats for mommy!... Right? Or is that just me?
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