Friday, July 29, 2011

Confessions of a Terrible (at being clean) Mom

I need to get better at uploading pictures onto my computer. I have some cute pics of the little one, but they're all the way in the other room... and that is just too much for me right now haha.

There are two battles going on inside of me right now. One is the urge to sit down/rest/nap any and every time I have a second to. Or creating games where I get to sit down and watch Dex play. I'm much more of a spectator than I would like to be at this point. Sigh. I miss having energy to play with my little boy. The other side of me has I guess been the nesting side. Since my energy level has been so low, and Logan has been putting in super amounts of time working... the cleanliness of our home has gone wayyy downward. It's embarrassing really. However... I CAN'T STAND IT. I so want it to be clean and nice and LIVE-ABLE... but once I get a second to clean... that other side takes over and my body rushes itself into my bed.

How do moms with multiple children do it? Are they all just way more disciplined than me? I only work about 20 hours a week now. Considering the fact that Logan puts in at least 30 more hours a week at work than I do right now... I should be the one that is able to handle this. I'm practically a stay-at-home mom.

I just want to bring this new baby into a clean and nice environment. And, oh yeah, have my toddler live in that as well. I'm just having a really hard time pulling it to together. I guess that is my confession for the day. We live in a mess. And I hate it... but hopefully these nesting instincts will help me pull together some last minute energy to get ourselves set before the time comes to head to the hospital.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, July 23, 2011


OK folks. So we're down to less than a month. Less than 4 weeks. This is really going to happen... soon.

I haven't been blogging much lately because it's been tougher the last four weeks. I've been way more tired and uncomfortable. Which is obviously to be expected... but after a day of working/ running around with a toddler... I don't want to get on here and complain. Which is probably what I would do. Haha. Just ask Logan.

We had an ultrasound on Thursday and everything checked out great once again. The pictures weren't good but that is because he is squished in there, so there wasn't a whole lot to see. Also, he is head down and facing backwards so we couldn't see his face. Because oh yeah... that is how he is supposed to be to be delivered. He's already prepared.

Also... (TMI alert *sort of*) he's already really low AND I'm one cm dilated. Meaning... this could happen sooner than later. (Though, of course, it could also mean absolutely nothing and I could still be pregnant forever). I have felt for a long time that he would come early. The doctor "predicted" (without any actual facts or science behind this prediction) that I wouldn't go all the way to my due date. She said that she thought I would be about a week early. She also said that moms' instincts are usually right. So... maybe we'll have an early baby? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Maybe that's why I haven't done too much to get ready for the baby. I hate the "wait and see" part. I hate just feeling like I'm waiting for something to start. I guess that if I feel like I still have to wash clothes or make a bed then I still have something to do and I'm not just waiting. I don't know.

Maybe baby brain has just taken over.

But on another note... we've been having a fun Saturday here. Our nephew/cousin/cousin's child... whatever you want to call him had his third birthday party today. So we had tons of fun splashing in the pool and playing with about a million other cute kiddos. I'm bummed I forgot my camera because there were so many little ones that I could have just eaten up.

Next week Dex is attending his first little camp at our church. (With some guardianship from AJ). I'm excited to have a couple hours on two days to be able to clean/nap/eat something without Dex stealing it. I'm also really happy for him to have some time with other kids since he doesn't get that as often anymore.

Anyway... I'm off to relax for the few more minutes that Dex spends napping and Logan spends having boy video game playdate time with our friend. Have a great weekend all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

You start being a mom...

The second you see those little lines show up on that stick. From that moment on you watch what you eat, make sure to take vitamins, exercise, don't drink or be within 20 feet of people smoking, or have caffeine or sushi or... the list goes on and on. From day one you are watching out for that little life every second of the day.

I have a lot of respect for a lot of dads I know. (My husband being right on the top of that list). But while they try very hard and work really hard... they don't know what it is like to make that split second change in every part of your thinking. They can walk away and drink a soda without thinking of how it will affect their belly. They can sleep on their back without thinking of how their blood is circulating. My husband is right there with me. He would jump the highest building if that was what was necessary, I'm sure. He is willing to make me food and give up his pillows, and change that extra potty accident that Dex had. However, he is also the first to admit that he has no idea what it is like to have a human being inside of his body.

Today I had a little scare. The baby wasn't moving nearly as much as he usually does. This freaked me out. It is such a huge responsibility to be the only one to know how that baby is doing at all times. No one else can see it. No one else feels the patterns of sleep and movement and intensity of that movement. It is your job, as the mom, to make the call as to whether your baby is ok or not. Tonight I got a little worried. It ended up with a phone call to the doctor and a trip to the hospital to get monitored for awhile.

Everything ended up 100% perfect. It is all great.

But, man. Being a mom is a huge responsibility. From the first second. I love my firstborn with all my heart. I am doing everything I can to nurture him and the life growing inside me. It is a full time, every second of every day job.

Here's to all the moms and moms-to-be out there. Like I said, mucho respect for sooo many dads. But, for this moment in time... Super kudos to those that had that extra nine months of being the (almost) sole beings in charge of that little life.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


So guys. Less than six weeks left until we meet Little Mister. We still haven't really started preparing a whole lot for his arrival. I think it's mostly going to be laundry anyway. We don't need a whole lot out, seeing as Dex will just take it upon himself to play with everything we take out anyway. I tried to get a couple of things sorted and he just pulled everything out of the box and got mad when I tried to put it back. Oh well... learning to share will come one day at a time. 

Things have changed in the last two weeks for sure. I am definitely feeling much more pregnant now. A slightly sore back and the impossible task of getting comfortable reminds me that the time is getting closer. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything is still checking out perfectly. The heartbeat is great and my belly is measuring just as it should. Which is slightly hard to believe considering the fact that I've only gained 16.5 pounds so far. Crazy. Total 180 from last time. 

I've also been feeling a lot more tired, so trying to catch any rest that I can. AKA. Any time that Dex is down... I'm down. Yes, I love having the schedule of a toddler. This also means that the housework has been falling slightly by the wayward... but I'm sure we'll get it under control soon. Oh well. Declan is just going to have to learn to pick up his slack. Haha. 

Anyway... more later, but for now Dex is down for the count which means it must be mommy nap time too. 

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey guys! I'm going to have another kid. No, really. I will be the mother of TWO children. All the time. It's really just starting to hit me. And it's a little intimidating. I know that every day we will grow together as a family and it will all be great... but the anticipation is a little much.

I'm starting to feel like we actually need to start preparing for the second one. So far we haven't done a whole lot. We've pulled out baby clothes. They're sitting on a shelf needed to get washed at some point. Everything needs to get washed. I also need to start getting the room ready for another one. But I'm not quite sure what to do. It seems like we put a whole lot more effort into it the first go-around and a lot of it was unnecessary.

What brought these thoughts on was getting a real big boy bed for Dex. I keep going back and forth in my head about what I want. Whether I want a toddler bed or a twin sized bed or something that can be turned into a bunk bed or trundle bed or... I don't know. Right now the new baby has the bassinet to sleep in. (And our bed of course. That's where Dex ended up pretty much 98% of his first few months) But I want to be able to get Dex really used to his new bed before the baby takes over his crib/bed. I, however, don't really want to hand over the cash for a new bed/mattress/ the whole works right now. So I guess I just need to keep the thoughts in the back of my mind and see what presents itself. The same goes for a double stroller. I just can't make a decision. So, hopefully something perfect comes along at the right time. It seems to have been that way so far.

OK. So there is some of my crazy preggo thoughts out there to the world. Maybe they'll stop running around my head so much now that they are out. If any parents want to give advice, I'm more than willing to listen!
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