Saturday, July 2, 2011


Hey guys! I'm going to have another kid. No, really. I will be the mother of TWO children. All the time. It's really just starting to hit me. And it's a little intimidating. I know that every day we will grow together as a family and it will all be great... but the anticipation is a little much.

I'm starting to feel like we actually need to start preparing for the second one. So far we haven't done a whole lot. We've pulled out baby clothes. They're sitting on a shelf needed to get washed at some point. Everything needs to get washed. I also need to start getting the room ready for another one. But I'm not quite sure what to do. It seems like we put a whole lot more effort into it the first go-around and a lot of it was unnecessary.

What brought these thoughts on was getting a real big boy bed for Dex. I keep going back and forth in my head about what I want. Whether I want a toddler bed or a twin sized bed or something that can be turned into a bunk bed or trundle bed or... I don't know. Right now the new baby has the bassinet to sleep in. (And our bed of course. That's where Dex ended up pretty much 98% of his first few months) But I want to be able to get Dex really used to his new bed before the baby takes over his crib/bed. I, however, don't really want to hand over the cash for a new bed/mattress/ the whole works right now. So I guess I just need to keep the thoughts in the back of my mind and see what presents itself. The same goes for a double stroller. I just can't make a decision. So, hopefully something perfect comes along at the right time. It seems to have been that way so far.

OK. So there is some of my crazy preggo thoughts out there to the world. Maybe they'll stop running around my head so much now that they are out. If any parents want to give advice, I'm more than willing to listen!

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