Sunday, July 10, 2011


So guys. Less than six weeks left until we meet Little Mister. We still haven't really started preparing a whole lot for his arrival. I think it's mostly going to be laundry anyway. We don't need a whole lot out, seeing as Dex will just take it upon himself to play with everything we take out anyway. I tried to get a couple of things sorted and he just pulled everything out of the box and got mad when I tried to put it back. Oh well... learning to share will come one day at a time. 

Things have changed in the last two weeks for sure. I am definitely feeling much more pregnant now. A slightly sore back and the impossible task of getting comfortable reminds me that the time is getting closer. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything is still checking out perfectly. The heartbeat is great and my belly is measuring just as it should. Which is slightly hard to believe considering the fact that I've only gained 16.5 pounds so far. Crazy. Total 180 from last time. 

I've also been feeling a lot more tired, so trying to catch any rest that I can. AKA. Any time that Dex is down... I'm down. Yes, I love having the schedule of a toddler. This also means that the housework has been falling slightly by the wayward... but I'm sure we'll get it under control soon. Oh well. Declan is just going to have to learn to pick up his slack. Haha. 

Anyway... more later, but for now Dex is down for the count which means it must be mommy nap time too. 

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