Saturday, July 23, 2011


OK folks. So we're down to less than a month. Less than 4 weeks. This is really going to happen... soon.

I haven't been blogging much lately because it's been tougher the last four weeks. I've been way more tired and uncomfortable. Which is obviously to be expected... but after a day of working/ running around with a toddler... I don't want to get on here and complain. Which is probably what I would do. Haha. Just ask Logan.

We had an ultrasound on Thursday and everything checked out great once again. The pictures weren't good but that is because he is squished in there, so there wasn't a whole lot to see. Also, he is head down and facing backwards so we couldn't see his face. Because oh yeah... that is how he is supposed to be to be delivered. He's already prepared.

Also... (TMI alert *sort of*) he's already really low AND I'm one cm dilated. Meaning... this could happen sooner than later. (Though, of course, it could also mean absolutely nothing and I could still be pregnant forever). I have felt for a long time that he would come early. The doctor "predicted" (without any actual facts or science behind this prediction) that I wouldn't go all the way to my due date. She said that she thought I would be about a week early. She also said that moms' instincts are usually right. So... maybe we'll have an early baby? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Maybe that's why I haven't done too much to get ready for the baby. I hate the "wait and see" part. I hate just feeling like I'm waiting for something to start. I guess that if I feel like I still have to wash clothes or make a bed then I still have something to do and I'm not just waiting. I don't know.

Maybe baby brain has just taken over.

But on another note... we've been having a fun Saturday here. Our nephew/cousin/cousin's child... whatever you want to call him had his third birthday party today. So we had tons of fun splashing in the pool and playing with about a million other cute kiddos. I'm bummed I forgot my camera because there were so many little ones that I could have just eaten up.

Next week Dex is attending his first little camp at our church. (With some guardianship from AJ). I'm excited to have a couple hours on two days to be able to clean/nap/eat something without Dex stealing it. I'm also really happy for him to have some time with other kids since he doesn't get that as often anymore.

Anyway... I'm off to relax for the few more minutes that Dex spends napping and Logan spends having boy video game playdate time with our friend. Have a great weekend all!

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