Sunday, January 8, 2012

Places to Go: Austin Science and Nature Center

So I sometimes have a hard time navigating the sites that talk about things to do in Austin. Having a pretty limited budget and two small children, our outings can get sort of limited. And then once we find somewhere to go- we end up going there quite often because we know we like it, but I'm ready to explore. We now have our new Ergo and we are ready to roll. 

This weekend we went to the Austin Science and Nature Center. It was really fun. This is one of the places Logan likes to take Dex when they have a boys' day. I was lucky enough to be invited along this time. It is really cool. Right next to Zilker Park, there is a lot of room to run and things to see. There are live animals to check out, a reptile (yuck) house, a ton of birds, hiking trails, and a pit where you can dig for dinosaur fossils. 

I would say it's pretty appropriate for all ages. You can modify a lot of the activities to any age kid. Dex walked 98% of the way while hiking. I'm so bad with guessing distances, but we maybe hiked 2-3 miles? He just needed to be carried on a couple parts where there were steep stairways. There are some cacti along the way, so you need to be a little careful, but other than that we were pretty much just able to let him run/walk along and enjoy the peacefulness. We didn't encounter too many people even though it was a gorgeous Saturday, so we really got to feel like part of the nature. 

I would definitely recommend it. PLUS- it's free!

Daddy helping with shoes

Leading to the dino pit

Looking at some sort of reptile

The lookout on top to see all of Austin

Dex pretended it was a pirate ship


  1. I think that's the coolest "free" activity I've ever seen posted on a blog. I love your pictures, too! Azarel would have a blast there, for sure!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I am jealous that you are able to do things outdoors!!!

    A friend had an extra ergo and loaned it to us and I am LOVING using it with Sierra.

    Miss your cute faces!



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