Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I had an idea that every day I was going to write something I was Thankful for during the month of November. I guess I'm already behind schedule. I guess that is what no computer and two small children will do.  Let's see if we can play catch up to get this under way.

I'm thankful for...

1. All the hard work my husband does. He works long hours to make sure that we continue to get what we need. He also works hard at being a dad... spending his days off being with and educating Dex. He finds them new places to go and explore. Learning about animals and flying kites.

2. Kieran starting to talk. Watching him with his mouth wide open and his tongue moving around like a whale's. He loves playing with sounds and volume. Once he gets started, he can keep up with the best of them. He tries to have conversations... taking turns with the people he's looking at. And he gets so proud of himself that after he has done an impressive amount of noises he interrupts himself by laughing.

3. Declan's new drawing abilities. I swear... from one day to the next his drawing completely changed. He used to just scribble a few lines. Sometimes they would be named... mostly not. He now loves drawing circles and "real-life" figures. He draws circles with some lines coming out of the back of them. "Airplanes with fire" aka. rocket ships. He draws people. With bodies and arms and legs and faces. While those might not be in the same place that they belong.... he understands that things have parts to them. I honestly can't believe this quick transformation.

4. The fact that I am able to work part time AND bring Kieran to work with me. There isn't a whole lot of their growing up that I have to miss and I am SO grateful for this. Things have worked out so well and Logan and I are very lucky to both have amazing bosses.

5. Saturdays. That is the one day a week that we have off together. We get to have cuddle time and adventures as a family. Because we have so little time together we appreciate what we do have immensely.

6. Getting to eat brownies before bed with my loves.

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