Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Real Mother's Day Post

So it's a few days late, but better late than never, right? (oohh... that's a good mom-ism for a starter right there). I guess I wanted to put out there some of my thoughts on mother-hood. 

I think that I always knew I would be a mother. Somewhere inside of me has always been a soul longing to nurture others. I was always a babysitter, playing teacher or making sure the little kids didn't get into trouble. So there wasn't a whole lot changed when I actually became a mother. I think it is more that something in me awoke. Every day I take time to stop and really look at this little being that was once a part of me. I like to think that since we spent so much time together, that part of our souls will always be intertwined. 

I can't believe how fast he has grown and how much time already feels like it has slipped away for me to teach him everything I want to teach him. I want him to be a gentleman. I want him to have a strong work ethic. To know that being happy is more important than having money. To wait until he is married and has a job he loves to have babies. To have babies. I want him to love life with all that he has. I want him to laugh. I want him to be independent but to know that family comes first. I want him to respect his elders and to know how to behave around different audiences. To understand the meaning of tact. I want to take the best qualities out of everyone I know and love and inject it into his spirit. 

Being a mother has taught me how true the cliche of a heart that expands much past its original size is. I never knew I could love with this capacity. How hard it is to discipline the one you love. To know that sometimes those tears are going to be caused by you, even though all you want to do it wrap him into your arms and make it all better. I long for him when he's not there. Even when I've had enough. 

I now understand real, true, and complete love. 

 Photo credit: Daddy

And we were lucky enough this Mother's Day weekend to have a visit from my mom. AKA Gramby. (Or "Gammy" in Dex speak). We pretty much spent the weekend just spending time together and not doing a whole lot. Par for the course of being anywhere near my mom, Dex got sick. Luckily in this case it just meant a fever and much more cuddling than usual. I'm pretty upset that I didn't have my camera when we actually were out and about. We went to the playground, rode the train, and went out to eat. Dex got to play hooky from school and go to the zoo with Gramby. It was really nice for everyone to get to spend some time together.

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