Saturday, May 21, 2011


There have been many changes since my last post. First, I will apologize for how long it has been. Due to these changes, I have really not had any time or internet to get any posts up. (Including now… this post is being written with hopes to get it up soon.)

I guess I’ll start with the basics. We are all doing well. Busy and slightly stressed, but good. I am now 27 weeks pregnant, meaning I am entering my third trimester. I have no idea how I’ve gotten this far along! I went to a Dr. appointment on Monday and fully expected to go back in another month. Instead I was told to go back in three weeks for my 30 week check-up and then every two weeks after that. What? Didn’t I just take a look at those little lines appearing? How am I at that point? But anyway… Still feeling well. Slight heartburn occasionally, but other than that still going strong. I’ve gained a total of 15 pounds so far. I feel my hormones taking over occasionally, but nothing like last time. (Sorry to Logan and the other two members of the tri-force for bearing the brunt of most of that).

Now on to the changes. There have been two major changes in the last few weeks. One is that we are in the process of moving. Due to some issues of safety (don’t worry, noone was hurt, but we are going to make sure that stays that way), we decided a quick change of venue was in order. So, we are now taking it slightly slow and getting our stuff over to a new apartment. Meaning dealing with not ever having everything I need, and often not staying at the same place as Logan. It has been easier for him to be closer to work for the moment of having one car, which makes sense in our heads but is hard to do for sure.

The other change is that I have officially given my two weeks at my job and taken another position. I will (and have already started) be a personal assistant/ office manager for a woman that owns her own business. I am really excited about the change. It will be nice to have a job that isn’t on my feet and is different from what I have been doing for the last few years. It also allows us to work a schedule around Logan’s work schedule so our child(ren!) will be able to stay home with one of us and not have to go to daycare.

I’m really looking forward to seeing where this all takes us, but for now am working two jobs, moving, watching Declan quite a bit by myself and entering my third trimester. It is a lot, but I feel strangely more motivated when kept busier. It is sort of like working full time and taking three grad school classes while in my first trimester with Dex. It just makes me feel less sedentary to have a super full plate. I hope that feeling continues and doesn’t turn into being too overwhelmed!

I have faith. That it will all work out. 

And just because I haven't posted any in awhile... there are tons more, but no time right now!
Love for Mommy and "baby brudder" 

Post bath hair. Look how long it is!

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  1. Congratulations on the new job, Kate! Sounds like a great change! Miss you guys!


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