Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too Cute

So Declan has been going through a small phase of pushing other kids at school. Not anything major, but it still made me a little sad to know that he was the one putting his hands on someone else. I think we're pretty much through it. Consistency and reminders about using gentle hands have made it better I think. (Also time-outs when hands were not being gentle with Mommy and Daddy... which I didn't think I would have to do with a one-year-old) However, in talking to one of his teachers about it yesterday, I had to laugh when she told me that it had gotten better, but even when it was happening it wasn't a huge deal because he was just too cute to get mad at.

I suppose a blessing and a curse.

Me trying to capture the beauty of his new cheese face, but he had lost it by the time the camera actually clicked. 

Now there's the cheese face. I told him to go to his kitchen and I would take a picture of him. My little ham. 

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