Thursday, February 10, 2011


If I had a ton of money (or really any at all) I would buy everything off this site.

So cute.

In other news. Declan has been flip-flopping between so cute I want to kiss his face off and so annoying I want to go and live under a rock forever. Luckily the cute thing makes me mostly forget about the annoying thing. I guess that's the life of a toddler? It has been super hard getting pictures of him recently. Every time I get the camera or my phone out and say "Cheese" he gets really grumpy and wants to grab it out of my hand. Not making it so easy to get a cheerful picture. I just need to get my camera back out more to get him used to it again. I miss my little ham!

Man, I am beat. I really wish I could write a poetic entry about how looking at Dec's little tummy covered in suds in the bathtub makes my heart aflutter. I would talk about the growing reality of becoming parents to TWO children. I would write my unborn baby a letter. I would discuss my excitement over the possibility of one of my closest friends coming and visiting for Declan's second birthday. I would write about how my heart breaks a little when I think of my baby becoming two.

However, I am beat. So I'm going to go and try to clean our room a little. (Since Logan started today when he put together our new bed. Thanks J! We don't just sleep on a mattress on the floor anymore. We're on the way to becoming real grownups again!) But the reality is... I'm probably just going to put on some trashy tv, eat some ice cream, and pass out. So happy tomorrow is Friday.

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  1. Add a a craving for a junky cheeseburger or chicken nuggets and some soda to that mix and that's exactly how I feel right now. lol


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