Saturday, February 5, 2011

Out and About

I've been trying to be a little better about getting us out of the house recently. When we first arrived in Austin we were constantly scouring calendars and magazines for fun family activities and we had a lot of fun. Since then we have fallen into our normal routine which includes a lot more sitting around the house/ cleaning/ not really doing a whole lot. Mostly trying to catch naps when possible actually. Last week I decided enough was enough. We went to a puppet show at Book People. They have an independent and totally awesome bookstore with a huge children's section upstairs. They even have a little amphitheater for story time a few times a week (with a tunnel to run through underneath) and a puppet show sometimes. It was fun, but you have to get there early to get a seat which is hard with a little one. I have never seen it so crowded and we've gone there a few times, but not for the puppet show before. However, with the seats that we had, we had a good time.

Today I looked around and found a children's music show to go to. The Hey Lollies perform at Flipnotics the first Saturday of each month. Flipnotics is a really cute little coffee shop with delicious food and cute places to sit outside. The Hey Lollies are a three woman band that play super fun music and get the crown really involved. Declan was a little tired, but loved listening to the music and dancing around with Logan and me. Again, a little crowded so luckily we got there at the perfect time to get seats. They were so much fun. I would definitely take a look at their schedule and go see them again.

The great thing about both of these activities is that they were both 100% FREE!

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