Friday, February 18, 2011

Spring is arriving!

The past few days have brought about way more sunshine and weather above 70 degrees. I may not be rejoicing the melting of snow like my New England family and friends, but people here have a whole different concept of cold and what keeps them inside. It's nice to be able to bring the kiddos out again (even though our cold season lasted about three weeks). It may get cold again after this February thaw, but I'm enjoying being able to hang out with our porch door open and let Dex run in and out as he pleases. Constantly supervised of course. I'm pretty excited because today Logan and I got some new bubbles and sidewalk chalk so we can start making our little balcony a playplace for Dex. Next up is a way to creatively make it safer because the bars are pretty far apart and then perhaps a water table for the little man to splash around in. (Hint hint that Declan's birthday is coming up soon guys!)

But we have been able to sit out and eat ice pops and watch the emergency vehicles drive by. Stopping and watching that boy makes my heart stop.

My Valentine from my littlest Valentine

Bathing in the sunshine

Watching for the fire trucks and ambulances 

Ice pops!

Today I had the day off so we had a morning of sleeping in, pancakes, and then Logan and I dropped the little one off at school for a bit. We went to Target and had to buy some shorts for Dex since it's getting warmer. Anyone that has 2T or 3T summer clothes let us know! We're running out of hand-me-downs that fit! Then we actually went to the movies. In the middle of the day. And ate appetizers and chocolate chip cookies and held hands. It was really nice to have some together time that wasn't spent just running errands or doing chores around the house. I am so in love with that man. 

Now I'll be off to picking up Dex and probably hitting the park. Or maybe the hardware store to figure out something for our balcony. Any suggestions about putting up plywood or rope or anything is appreciated!

Happy warmer weather!

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