Wednesday, February 23, 2011

15 Weeks

Your Baby in Week 15 of Pregnancy 
One way to deal with the havoc of pregnancy hormones: Focus on how much is happening with your baby. She's about the size of an orange this week, her ears have migrated to the sides of her head, and her eyes are moving to the front of her face. Plus, your little smarty-pants can now wiggle her fingers and toes and make breathing movements in preparation for life outside the womb. (What to Expect dot com)

So I am officially in my second trimester. I feel like since I have been updating this less frequently I tend to forget what I have said so please forgive me if I end up repeating myself. We can just blame it on the baby brain... always. Haha. I have been feeling pretty good for the most part. A little bit of sickness but nothing like last time. I have been tired, but at least I'm not working full time AND taking three grad classes. I just have a full time toddler. Which may be more exhausting in the end but is way more fun. I can sometimes feel the baby move just a tiny bit. Usually when I'm calm and laying down I can feel little butterfly movements in my uterus and it is so nice to have the affirmation there that I can feel.

I am so much happier in my pregnancy this time. I love Declan more than anything... but it was pretty rough for me last time. I was pretty sick and my body had a lot to deal with. This time my body feels much more comfortable with what it is doing and is still stretched out a bit, making it easier. The whole being less sick thing is really the key. It makes me so much less miserable and I can move on with life. PS We find out about the sex on March 21st! Less than a month!

I am so excited. In less than two weeks I am going on VACATION. WITHOUT baby. When Dex was born my dad promised me a vacation when he turned two. Now the second birthday is approaching and my plane tickets are booked. I will have a nice long weekend of soaking in the sun (with plenty of sunscreen of course) and getting in my last bits of sleeping in that I will have for a very very long time. I am so tired right now that I can't even imagine the bliss of being able to travel on a plane by myself. I am pretty much the luckiest. While I may not have a lot of money... I am rich for sure.

Showing just the tiniest bit. (Though this picture makes it look like I'm showing more than I actually am)

Yes, yes. The top half of my torso got way bigger first. Again. I didn't know it was possible they would get even bigger the second time. 

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