Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rainy Weekend

What a rainy weekend we are having here. It is really nice, actually. It is nice to sit inside and listen to the rain falling on the roof and through the trees in our bedroom and be able to hear the cars swishing through the wetness in the dining room. It's the kind of rain that isn't disgusting or nasty... it is nice and light and makes you know that the earth is getting the replenishing that it needs. A good slow soaking rain. It makes me want to cuddle up and watch too many movies with the little one and go to the coffee shop and sip hot chocolate and eat muffins and bagels. It made us stay inside and get some cleaning done but it was still nice to venture out to spend some time with Logan's family last night. While I do love snow (at the beginning of the Winter anyway), it is really nice to get to experience something totally different. Today it is 50 and rainy. I think tomorrow or Tuesday it is supposed to be 67. Who knows what the future will bring, but I'm glad to escape at least one snowy Winter.

I'm excited about the ultrasound tomorrow. I'm ready to be able to see things and put any doubts to rest. I have been talking to the baby and sending good vibes and love, so hopefully everything will go in a great direction. I've still been a little nervous to get too attached. I'm hoping that after tomorrow I am able to fully enjoy this pregnancy and bask in the life that I am (with Logan's help obviously) creating. I'm feeling good for the most part. I want to be able to enjoy the last few months with my little man as a one and only. I want to fully be able to think about the changes that our family will have to make in the next few months in order to work financially with jobs and daycare and such. I want to feel peace. For now I'm almost there... hopefully after tomorrow I will be all the way there.

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