Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pregnancy and Dex and such

Things are good here on the home-front. Not a whole lot new to report. I've been feeling much better the past few days. I was talking to Logan about it and how even if it comes back... since I've had a little bit of a reprieve it's already not as bad as last time. We have a dr appointment on Monday with an ultrasound so we can get everything checked out.

I think I'm feeling a lot better about the whole pregnancy thing. It was pretty scary for awhile considering that I only knew I was pregnant for about a week last time and it crushed my world for awhile when it ended. We've known now for maybe five weeks now? Really? That long already? Wow... time really does fly a lot faster when you have a child keeping you busy. Every day that goes by makes me more confident that things are all right. It was rough last week when our appointment was cancelled and some fears came back, but I'm looking forward to Monday. The "morning" sickness was actually kind of good because it made my body feel like it was really pregnant for the first time. I've just had a lot of scary pregnancy things happen to people that I know so it will be nice to see a heartbeat and everything.

Dex caught a little tummy bug so he stayed home from school today. He was pretty much fine, but he got to have some nice Daddy time. It's always good for the boys to have time together. Tonight he played by himself for probably the longest amount of time so far. He entertained himself climbing in and out of the cabinets and got use out of most of the toys in his toy drawers (which I now have to go and pick up because I was bad and didn't make him do it himself). I was really proud of him. He is talking SO much. There are new words and associations every day. I can't even believe it.

I guess that today's post didn't have a whole lot to say, but I hate how out of discipline I've gotten with blogging.

Missing everyone back home... but not missing the snow!

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