Sunday, January 30, 2011

Catch Up

Jeez! Sorry guys. I haven't even posted at all since the ultrasound. Despite being super nervous it all went really well. Not a whole lot to report about it besides everything measuring out perfectly and the guy who drew my blood was awesome and I didn't pass out or anything. While that sounds silly... trust me... it's a big accomplishment.

I haven't been posting much because I've been enjoying the nice weather/ being in a funk. I think I'm going through withdrawal from being home last month. I've realized how much of a rut I've fallen into and that I really don't have any friends here at all. I tried to make friends when I arrived here and hung out with some people a bit, but it's pretty hard to make friends with kids I am finding. Schedules end up conflicting and if you weren't close to start with... things just fall apart. We've been focusing on our little family a lot, which is really great. However, I miss my friends more than anything. I miss having people that you already know and can call up and end up having six people over for a spur-of-the-moment barbeque. I miss having friends with kids that understand having a messy house and don't care if you see their messy house. I miss just going out to get coffee and just grabbing the pack and play and throwing it together if life runs too long and the little one needs a nap. I miss having babysitters. I miss getting to spend time with my kid. That would be different if I was doing something worth it or career building, but I'm not. I miss just being able to call up someone any day of the week and have someone to hang out with. I hung out with people all the time at home. I had lots of friends and it really freaks me out that I really don't hang out with anyone here.

I guess I need a hobby or something where I could meet people. I've just never been good at forced friendships. It takes me awhile. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't hate living here. I LOVE that the high here is 78 and Dex and I got to walk to Logan's coffee shop and eat delicious bagels and I got an awesome decaf coffee. I love that I'm not dealing with the snow and coats and digging my car out of the mess. I just really don't like being so far away from my friends and family. I'm missing all of you guys hardcore right now and it's throwing me into a bit of a funk. I'll get over it I'm sure... but I'm ready to do something different to make a change.

On a side note... I'm such a bad mom today. I woke up with great motivation, Dex and I played for a bit and then I figured we would go get a treat (since we don't have a whole lot of other options foodwise at the moment) and then hit the grocery store. On the way back from breakfast I felt like I was shoved underwater and couldn't move anymore. We went inside, I turned on baby Netflix, and Dex watched while I snoozed for like an hour and a half. I wasted the whole morning. The beautiful day, and by the time I actually could get up... it was his naptime. Ugh. So mad at myself right now. I guess that's part of being pregnant, but I'm really frustrated when I can't function the way I want to. I hate that it gets taken out on him. Not that he cared. He watched tv and dumped clothes out of the hamper. Now he's so asleep in his big boy bed (which he has been in almost all weekend... I'm proud).

Oh well... I guess I can try to get the apt cleaned while he sleeps and then make up for it when he wakes up.

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