Saturday, December 11, 2010

One week!

One week until we are boarding that plane and heading East. I'm so excited (even though I'm sure that sounds like a broken record by now). I'm trying to travel without a lot (because I know that our warm clothes will take up my whole bag) but I have some GREAT ideas for some gifts to make once I'm there. Surprises, surprises.

I also really can't wait to show everyone how much bigger Dex is. He seriously astounds me every day in how much more he can do. I kind of really wish I was able to have him in a Montessori environment at this age. He would do so well with a more structured daily environment. I know that where he is now, everyone is doing the best that they can, but I hate how high the ratio is. It makes it so hard for the teachers to spend quality time with the kids. There is also such a "Mine, mine, mine" feeling around the classroom. That is not at all the case in Montessori. He would definitely do well with having his own work and learning to be patient and peaceful. Who knows what our next step will be, but perhaps in that direction.

Our apartment is slowly coming together. We have more ingredients in our kitchen and more furniture. However, shelves would be awesome. Our living room has no furniture which means nowhere to put our stuff! FreecycleCraigslist, and yardsales are becoming our new best friends. I'm working on getting a new SD card and researching new cameras, so that soon I can post pics. (Also working on cleaning up messes constantly)

Now that we are more settled, both have jobs, and have a place to live, I'm thinking more about how to get to where I want to be. I'm really not fulfilled at my job, and as scary as it is to really think about... I think that teaching might not be the place for me. I have been scared into staying in the same type of profession for the last few years, but really need a change. I am so grateful for the discounted child care, but with having my Master's... I feel as though I can do something more. I'm just not sure what that more is. My really silly wish is that I could get a nice camera and see if that could lead me to taking portraits. However, I don't have a nice camera (and only so much money that could be put towards it) and don't really know very much about professional photography. I also think that it would be awhile before that could take off enough to help support my family. Just a silly wish I guess.

However, people that know anything about cameras... any advice on what I might want to take a look at/ what I should be looking for in a camera?

See all those at home soon! Hugs from the Hardages!

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  1. With cameras, I've heard the best reviews from Nikon users, but with any good camera, you'll spend the bulk of your money on lenses/accessories. I've heard great things about the Nikon D300 and the Nikon D700. I'm hoping to upgrade when we get a tax return, because my little point and shoot is finally frustrating me a little too much. I guess that means I'm getting better. *shrug* lol.

    I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time about your idea of leaving the teaching field. I think I'd want more out of a job if I had a Masters degree too, though. I don't blame you one bit.

    Declan looks adorable in his picture on here!!! It would be a lot of fun to get our boys together to play. Sometimes there are major draw backs to living in Idaho. But only sometimes. lol


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