Sunday, December 12, 2010

The laziest Sunday

What a nice day it has been today. Though we had an awesome teething moment at 3:30 this morning, that only meant that Dex let us sleep in until almost 9. Thank goodness! Logan works on Sundays, so it means Mommy and Dex alone time. Sometimes I'm feeling ambitious (especially when it's warmer) and we go out and see people or to the park or the store or whatever, but lately I've been feeling pretty tired. This causes me to just want more cuddle time.

So Dex and I have spent our day watching Lilo and Stitch and Monsters, Inc., eating cereal and raspberries and yogurt, visiting Daddy at the coffee shop and making (and of course eating) cookies.

Last night we went to a surprise party for Logan's aunt. It was really nice to hang out with family. We ate delicious food, played some games and watched Dex and his two little cousins run like crazies around the house. It is so cute watching him run around after kids that are just a little bit bigger than him. It is also really funny because he has become attached to his stuffed animals (Daisy the sheep and his monkey) and his blankie. His blankie is like two feet by two feet so him dragging it around after him makes him look just like Linus.

It's time to start getting our act together to go home. Until then... back to more cookies and cuddling for me.

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