Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We had a great weekend getting to hang out with lots of family. Logan's mom was in town so we had many family dinners and Declan learned to say "Hello" (or more precisely... Hewwo). However, the germs that the little man were introduced to at school last week have officially taken their toll. He was starting a cold this weekend, and just when I thought it was getting better... he woke up yesterday morning with his eyes glued shut from yucky stuff coming out. His eye isn't red so I'm thinking it's not pinkeye. I think it's just the cold coming out every place it can. My poor guy. Everyone send good thoughts our way because my health insurance won't kick in for awhile!

However, I'm sure he will be in a good mood because tomorrow my brother comes to town! I'm super psyched to show him around Austin and I know that he will fall in love. I can't wait. Then... on Friday my mom will be here too! We always spend Columbus Day weekend together, usually in VT, but we're bringing the Foleys to Austin to take over. Hopefully we can find some stand-ins for our usual array of events. 

So I've been thinking about what I miss the most of what we didn't bring with us to move cross country. (Just in case anyone ever is wondering what the important things are)

*Our mattress

There really isn't a whole lot else that I miss, and the only thing we have replaced on that list is our mattress because we needed somewhere to sleep. 

Sorry that this is kind of all over the place. Without being able to update more often, I kind of forget what I had wanted to say. Ahh... off to enjoy my few moments of alone time during the rest of my break. 

Missing everyone back home!!!

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