Monday, August 9, 2010


Well... we have been on our trip for two LONG days of driving so far. We've made it to Arkansas and have finally stopped for the night and have actually found WiFi for the first time on the trip. (PS we tried using it at McDonald's and... well... it didn't work. You suck McDonald's) It's late and we need to sleep so we can finish out the rest of the ride tomorrow so this is just a short update as to where we are. I'll write more about the trip later but some highlights...

*Tennessee takes FOREVER to drive through. Legit I think it took 12 hours.

*We weren't able to take a trailer... we ended up taking a truck and towing our car. More about that debacle later.

*Stopped in Bucksnort, TN. No really... Bucksnort. Come on. (Note from Logan... they must have a good dental industry there. It seems as though they were able to save three whole teeth for the gas station attendant)

*We miss Declan like crazy.

*The waiter at Cracker Barrel (who called me Ma'am in every single sentence, even if he wasn't talking to me, he worked it in there somehow) is praying for our us and our trip. It was sweet but a bit of overkill. I'm really not doing the story justice now. He was ridiculous.

Needing sleep now. Until next time we are Texas bound!

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