Thursday, July 1, 2010

To My Wonderful Husband

I didn't end up writing a Father's Day post to brag about the wonderful man in my life. Things have been busy and stressful and we've both been dealing with a lot. I guess I wrote about him recently with our anniversary, but with the last few days, it didn't do him justice.

To my rock,
Thank you so much for everything you do. Watching you blossom into a grownup is the biggest blessing. You have grown from a party frat guy into a responsible (mostly) husband and father. Every day I get to wake up in your arms and I can't tell you how special I feel knowing that no matter what I look like, you will smile and kiss me and say "Good morning, beautiful." Seriously. You seem to enjoy my bed-head. Who else but you?

I get to watch you light up our son's face when you enter the room. Your absolute and true love for him is apparent at first glance. You were born to be a dad. I can't put into words how beautiful you are when you are with him.

To be more specific about where this is coming from, thank you for everything with this move. Thank you for being reassuring, thank you for putting in your time. Thank you for not sleeping last night and going out and getting me Tylenol when I couldn't function anymore. Thank you for driving me to a bed and then driving yourself back to the house to work. Thank you for telling me you love me even when I got sleep that you didn't. Thank you for lifting things and dealing with the stinky garbage. Thank you for THANKING ME and telling ME how good I am to YOU when all I did was get your stuff together and get you a sandwich to have before you WENT TO WORK with NO sleep.

You amaze me.

I love you super much.


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