Monday, June 28, 2010

Two Days Left

It feels weird with not blogging in awhile. I've been busy packing and organizing and fighting for any sleep that I can find. Two nights left in this apartment. Two days to finish packing. Ahhh... the etiquette of writing online. I have so many stories of why I am so glad to get out of this apartment, but perhaps should take the high road and keep it to myself (in written form anyway) so as to not offend any future landlords that may find this/ the current ones I have if they even know how to use the internet? Is that being too cautious? Oh well... I suppose too cautious for now annddddd perhaps stories with pseudonyms later? They're pretty good stories. Oh well. We'll see.

There isn't too much to keep everyone informed of. I have entered unemployement/ stay-at-home mom phase. I hate how much pressure there is to get a job. I'm not quite sure how to say what I feel without offending either SAHM's or working moms. I suppose I'll just say that I wish I had the opportunity to enjoy being a SAHM. I feel like the time I have at home will be full of running around and trying to find a job while I wish I could just enjoy the summer and sunshine with my little one. However, I know we're not in the place to be able to do that. I will FOR SURE still enjoy my sunny days with my sunny boy, but I suppose I should just say that I will move onward and upward and not let that little thought of pressure get to me. I will let it drive me to find the perfect situation for our family... but will not let it get me down.

For now I should get back to finding the motivation to get back to packing and not let the bed catch my attention. Oh hello there...

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