Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So guys. Here's the big update I guess. Our plan to move to Texas has been put in action. Well... soon anyway. We're going to be leaving MA and heading due South August 8th. So I'll get to see pretty much all of my family at Mel's wedding the day before we leave. No jobs as of yet, but things are looking ok for Logan. We've been given the opportunity for a place to stay while getting settles sooo... time to make the leap.

I'm excited and nervous. It'll be good (but better once I find a job)!

Sidenote: It was a lot harder to write this and put it into words than I thought. Being real is kind of scary.

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  1. I did this same kind of thing back in October. I didn't have a job, couldn't really afford to move, but I just did it. And finding a job was a lot easier once I was here. So I hope that the same is true for you!


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