Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The last few days have been pretty great. I spent the weekend NOT being stuck without a car. We had a nice BBQ on Monday and it was really nice to see my friends. Yesterday was muggy, but the thunderstorm cleared that up... and it caused the boys to take super naps. Then I went out to see Sex and the City with Jess and Dayna last night. I felt bad that Declan had spent so many nights not in his own crib recently (although I was with him for most of the time... just not at our house) but it was so nice to be able to go out and hang out with my girls. We then found a place with half price apps, AND they gave us a free pizza in addition to the one that apparently had too many bubbles in it? We thought they were both delicious and ended up with so much pizza.

The moving/packing is going ok. We have one big shelf packed up and given away already... which isn't that much, but it's better than my usual idea that there should be no packing before the day of the move. So... it's looking like Texas is still on the top of the list. There were a few set-backs, but I think it's in our hearts and will end up happening. Just not quite sure how and exactly when yet. Logan put in for a transfer, so we have to see how all that pans out and what happens my way with a job. For now we're just blowing in the wind and seeing where life takes us. And instead of worrying about our next step I think I'm just going to enjoy the ride. We have each other. We'll make it work.

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