Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Close-minded people

Sometimes I get so tired of all the close-minded people in the world. I think that there are so many people with different thoughts and ideas that it is insane to think that you are the only one that is right. I think that everyone should have their own opinions, and not be afraid to share them with others- if they are willing to listen to other people as well.

Some people think that they are super open-minded, when what they really are is open-minded about BEING open-minded, and don't actually listen to their own advice. They spurt self-help ideas but don't listen when you tell them something. They are so focused on fixing that they don't actually hear you.

Some people spew religious or political ideas thinking that things are black and white and that they know right from wrong. They try to shove their ideas down your throat and close their ears when you try to suggest that things may be a different way than they think. Most of those people probably think that A. I'm going to Hell or B. I have no reason to talk because most of the time I keep quiet about those things anyway. Well, it's because while I have my own opinions... I don't know if they are right. Even if I am sure that I am right, I usually have enough respect for others to let their opinions exist too. I'm not about shutting people down.

It seems to me that these close-minded people end up only being surrounded by people of the same mindset because they lose everyone with a differing opinion. Why would someone try to talk to a person that keeps shutting them down with a smile on their face because they see themselves as "winning"? This is trouble.

I'm not sure if there is anything to be done, because these are the type of people that won't change their mind anyway. I'm just going to surround myself with people of differing opinions that are willing to listen to each other. That doesn't mean that they have to change their minds... but respect for each other would be nice.

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  1. I'm almost positive you're talking about me. If you are, it's ok. :)


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