Friday, June 11, 2010


I seriously love the sound of silence more than I knew possible. And it dawned on me that I really AM (hopefully) becoming less selfish in the fact that more than I love the boys napping to get some quiet time... I really love knowing that they are getting the rest that they need. When they take super short naps I just feel bad that they aren't going to have as peppy and energetic an afternoon as they could be. When Declan woke up BEFORE 5 yesterday and then only took an slightly-over-an-hour nap... I just knew he wouldn't be as happy as he could be.

So anyway... nothing really new to report from the moving front. Things are just moving along I guess. Our apartment is starting to be shown so we have to attempt to keep it clean. Good luck to us. Declan pretty much makes that impossible seeing as he continuously knocks everything off every surface he can reach.

Thinking about having an estate sale for all those nearby. The last weekend in June. The 26th and 27th. Please come. I want to move as little as possible so I want to get rid of as much as possible.

Anyway... pretty excited for the weekend. Logan has Friday night, Saturday AND Sunday off so we actually get to have a real weekend together. My mom is coming up Saturday so we get to hang out then have a date night (which is sorely needed at this point) and then Mel's Bridal Shower is Sunday. Have I mentioned how nice it is to not be in school and actually get to live my life?

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