Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Everything's gonna be all right

I haven't written too much lately. I feel as though I'm not quite sure what words actually want to escape my mouth, my fingers, anything. We're in the process of leaving our apartment with nowhere to go. Not nowhere exactly... we have family and friends and would never be put on the streets. However, we started this journey a month and a half ago and seem to be no closer to any answers. Things are still in progress with Logan's work. I still haven't found a job and am slightly terrified that I won't. I'm just so tired and I think my subconscious is unwilling to realize that this is really happening. I need to pack and get rid of things and job search but all I want to do is sleep.

Am I so naive in thinking that things will work out? Or am I just really accepting that my life is fine the way it is and I'm not going to stress about it. I think my family thinks I'm crazy. I think they are having a hard time with our lack of plan. How can I explain that I just know it will be fine. We are young, we still have each other, and support and we will be fine. I'm going to stay happy and take naps and not stress.

1 comment:

  1. It will be fine!!! Job opportunities have a way of coming up when you are actually there, way better than when you are not there. That's how it worked for me.



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