Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Two Years

Wow. Logan and I have made it to two years. Well... two years of being together, not two years of being married, but for those that know us we were pretty much married day one. So for those of you that don't know... this is the story of Logan and Kate.

I worked at Newton Montessori School in Newton Center. Logan worked at the Starbucks around the corner. For most of the school year, I would grab a coffee (vanilla latte actually) here and there and mildly flirt with the guy behind the counter. Or... the "cute guy that works at Starbucks" to those closest to me.

ONE TIME I saw him out in public. We ended up at the same show out in Allston. This was right before my birthday. He, of course, was the guy wearing the gorilla suit. Why wouldn't the guy I liked be the one wearing a gorilla suit at a show in November? We talked for a few minutes but it didn't amount to much. (He claims now that he really wanted to talk to me for longer but he had to go because his ride was leaving... yeah yeah yeah)

I would pretty much go in only when I saw him behind the counter because I wasn't really a huge coffee person and also it cost mad bucks to go to Starbucks a lot. I got a few giftcards for Christmas so I went quite a bit more then. After the cards ran out I stopped going until the New England Winter had finally thawed and I would be able to take walks again during my break.

When I finally returned he welcomed me with a "Hey there stranger! We missed you!" I was pretty surprised that he remembered me because I really didn't go in that often. I told him that the school year was almost over and I would be leaving soon. My plan was to move out to OK and go to grad school there. He told me to come back another day. So I did... and he wasn't there. I went back the day after and told him that I was disappointed that he wasn't there. I told him AGAIN that I was leaving soon and he FINALLY gave me his number written on receipt paper. I texted him the next day with my number. That was a Friday. Sunday was Father's Day, and I had spent the night before up in VT with my dad. When I got back I got a phone call and it was from Logan. He said he was having a few people over to watch some movies and I should come too. I agreed.

I really almost didn't go. It's probably not super safe for a girl to go to the house of a guy that she really doesn't know. I went anyway. And instead of a bunch of people watching movies it ended up being us and his roommate Bill watching the Celtics. We watched the game, then the two of us watched a movie. Logan loves to tell the story about how long it took him to get up the courage to get his arm around me. He relays that he just started lifting his arm and I pretty much leaped into cuddle mode.

He lived super close to my work, and it would have made my commute so much longer if I went home at like 2am when the movie was over. So I stayed. It was super PG and really sweet to have someone to cuddle with. The next morning I went to work and was pretty giddy the whole time. I met up with him after work and finally got it through to him that my plan was to go to OK in two weeks. He told me to go home, get my stuff, and spend every minute with him until I left. He helped me move out of my apt... and took trips to VT and CT and met my parents, nana, and family members along the way. I knew I was in something big.

I was planning on spending the week in West Virginia with my mom before I headed out cross country. My car was being inspected while I was away. During this time away from Logan I knew that I couldn't be away from him again. When his Grandma passed while I was away on vacation I knew I would have done absolutely anything to get back to him. I knew it was love. My car was found to be not suitable for driving cross country, so I decided instead of fighting it I would just stay. And stay I did. When I got back I stayed with him while thinking about apartment hunting. Then just stayed.

We found out we were pregnant a month and a half into our relationship. I am so lucky to have already had things been the way that they were. I knew I had found my partner in life and love and now parenting. Our relationship sped forward. I am so grateful that it did. We were forced to grow up instead of drinking every day and making stupid mistakes because of it. Logan often drives me crazy, and sometimes I really wonder if we're going to be able to make it work. But we have already grown so much together and I am so lucky to be able to watch him blossom into a loving father and wonderful husband. I really do love him with all my heart and know how lucky I am to have such a caring man in my life.

Till the wheels fall off.


  1. This is a really sweet and inspiring story. Thank-you for sharing it. It brightened my crappy day. <3

  2. Fun hearing this again. Ya'll crazy kids.



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