Monday, April 5, 2010

Who are we?

It is interesting to try and put yourself in a box. I know, I know... why would you want to be in a box anyway? I was just thinking about it.

Yesterday morning Logan, Declan and I went out to an Irish pastry shop that is down our street. While we were there, we saw a family with a 2 1/2 year old child. Now... I really don't judge people because I think that you can't judge anyone besides yourself, but I do like to people watch. These parents were sitting there with sweaters tied around their shoulders, hair pulled back nice and neat and spent the time out with their family on the phone changing their plans for later that day, instead of actually enjoying where they were. Seeing them on their phones with their sweaters around their necks made me automatically put them in my "yuppie parent" box. That made me start thinking about how we looked with Logan's scruff, my crazy curly hair, and our child who had no shoes on his feet (it was so warm that his feet would have been sweating... and who wouldn't rather be in bare feet). Those other parents probably put us in their... hippy parent box?

I don't know what we are. I wouldn't say hippy... though I would rather be outside every minute than stuck inside for no reason, and I would rather give my child a healthy eating habit than stuff them full of sugar. We're not hipster parents though I do love my chucks and can't wait for an opportunity to go shopping by myself (sorry Dex) to get a new pair of skinny jeans. I definitely don't like to stay home and cook, we're not unintelligent, we're not rocket scientists... who are we? Where do we fit in with the young parents of today?

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