Monday, March 29, 2010

Job Searching

In thinking about moving at the end of the summer, I've started thinking about getting a new job. Well, I'll have to get a new job anyway since mine will be ending. This has caused me to start taking a look online at what opportunities are out there.

Since I've been trying to focus more on school, I haven't taken a deep look, but in my glancing around I have only found disappointing job sites. I need to find job sites that only have credible job postings. How can a job site not do any research into what it is posting? In the last five minutes I have found at least two scams. Does anyone have any good ideas for websites with good jobs?

In other words...

Yesterday was Declan's first birthday party! There were upwards of 30 family and friends that came to celebrate with us (pictures to come). We had a rockin cowboy time, with delicious food, fun people and yummy cake. While the cake's decorations left something to be desired, the taste is all that matters once it is cut and then it became pretty good.

Declan was a good boy and spent most of the time crawling up and down the stairs since he had so many people around to pay attention to him and follow him everywhere he went. He is SO independent. I know that it is good, and will lead to healthy development... but it makes me pretty tired in the long run!

So, now that the party is over, it's back to focusing on school, playing with the kiddos and getting everything done. At least we have a clean house now (well... mostly. It got a little more messy with all Declan's new treasures).

Clean house= sanity!

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