Friday, February 5, 2010

Woo Hoo!

Ok, so I am officially on Day 6 of working out. By working out I mean... playing games. My kind of working out.

Weight: 154.1 lb
BMI: 22.06

So... it seems as though this is working. I'll admit that I didn't work out yesterday. However, I guess putting in 20-30 minutes of being active actually DOES make a difference. Who would have thought? My constant activity of running after babies and a 3 year old has gotten me pretty far, but I'm happy that I'm taking steps to take care of the rest myself.

We went to Target the other day, and since we are going to Taxas in April I started looking at bathing suits. Now, I know I am a mom now, and I know that my body does not look the same, and two pieces are maybe not the most appropriate for my stretch-mark covered tummy (thanks Dex). However, I got new bathing suits to go to Mexico for our honeymoon when Declan was four months old. I got one pieces. They're alright, the one I actually wear (because the other one is too big) is kind of cute, black, and has a little skirt thing on it. But, when I wear it I feel like a little girl! I HATE it. I feel like it accentuates the little pudge on my belly just like a little girl. So, when I tried on a new bathing suit, I decided I would see how a tankini would fare. At least I would be able to go to the bathroom in it, even if I didn't let my belly see the sun like it used to. But alas, the part that would end up showing is the WORST part of my belly. The little bit of (excuse me for being gross... but at least you don't have to look at it) elephant-skin like jelly at the bottom of my belly.

Those of you that have wives who have given birth and OBVIOUSLY those of you that HAVE know just what I'm talking about. The part that's left over once the actual weight is gone. The HARDEST part to get rid of and the WORST to look at. Oh well. Hopefully this weight loss trend will continue and my belly will tighten up. In two months anything can happen. Should I set a goal? Perhaps the goal to feel comfortable in a... TWO PIECE BATHING SUIT?? (Yes I know, if a bathing suit is to be worn, it will most likely be only around family and not anyone who would care about my bit of pudge and stretch marks... However, I don't know most of Logan's family that well and... I care) Yes. That will be my goal. In two months I would like to feel Ok in a two piece! Here we go!

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