Thursday, February 4, 2010

Me time?

Today I got a WONDERFUL phone call. My mother-in-law, Janiva (by the way... if you read this and don't want your name used let me know!) called me up, and since she was going to be picking me up from work, and Logan would be working, she was wondering if I would like it if she kept Declan for the night, and I had some... me time.

I hadn't even really thought of real me time in a long time. Pretty much all of my time without Declan is spent either in school or doing something with Logan. Since Logan got his new job, we don't see each other nearly as much, so whenever we have a free moment, we usually take it to spend quality (or errand running) time together. When he's around I don't really want to go off and do my own thing because I feel like I'll be missing out on time together, and time together as a family. So I haven't had real, true, ME time in a long time.

I ended up going out and playing some pool with my brother, who had been asking for some one-on-one time for awhile. It was really nice. Now I get to spend some time with my love. A pretty good day all-in-all.

*Also, I would just like to mention how funny babies are. The boys (10 months and 14 months) are such a team. They play together, laugh at each other, and share everything including germs. Declan tried to climb up the bottom landing of the stairs, and when he got a little stuck, Leo pulled his arm and helped him up the rest of the way. They will be trouble to the max. I love it.

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