Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear Car Seat Company,

Dear Safety 1st Car Seat Company,
My son threw up twice in your car seat today. Kids throw up. All the time. It happens. So therefore, I need to wash the covers in my car seat. Since the car seat is pretty new, this was the first time I had to take the cover off. This would have been a lot easier if the manual wasn't COVERED in puke! I think that the placement of the instruction manual being UNDER THE SEAT was not a good idea. When anything... juice, throw up, pee... drips down, it goes RIGHT ON the manual. So I had to try to understand your difficult instructions, which were soaking wet, while trying not to get myself covered in the puke as well. Jeez! It took me about 30 minutes while trying to get my son to stop crawling all over the seat while trying to change it.

Thanks a lot for poor planning,

P.S. Please send me a new manual to replace my ruined one. K THX BYE

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