Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Body Image

Alright, so I have been slacking majorly with the working out. What can I say? I have been a bit under the weather and that doesn't make me want to be jumping up and down. Also, my weight went back up a bit, and I know that it's super early on in all of this, but it's still discouraging. So...

2/7 Weight: 157.47 lb (yuck!)
BMI: 22.54

2/9 Weight: 156.7 lb
BMI: 22.44

So when I thought that this goal of losing 3 lb in two weeks was going to be no problem, I may have been a little confused. Ugh, before this baby I'm sure it would have been no problem. I guess I just need to step it up.

But I guess that brings me to something that has started really bothering me. I know that celebrities have always had bodies that are impossible for normal people to achieve, but now I feel that Heidi (from the Hills and what-not) has taken it to the next level of outrageousness. She got 10 plastic surgeries in one day so that she could be more beautiful. And then she goes and speaks about how girls should feel beautiful inside and out. How is that possible when already pretty girls go ahead and change everything about themselves in order to be MORE pretty?

Whatever... off to watch my obsession. Teen Mom! I love anything with babies.

Speaking of babies- one quick word before I'm really off. Today Declan got up into the cabinets at work. The picture of him digging his way to the back totally reminded me of my brother. My mom always says that one day she went into the kitchen and found that he had taken everything out of one of the drawers and was sitting in it grinning at her. I think this is where my life is heading. Wish me luck!

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