Monday, February 15, 2010


Woo hoo! On vacation at last! This means... more time for homework and cleaning! Wait... what? That's how I'm spending my vacation? I must really have hit mom-dom. Hard.

Don't worry. I'm getting some fun in there. After homework and laundry time today I attempted to ice skate at Frog Pond with Mel and Jake and Geoff. I say attempt because it didn't end up happening due to the pond deciding to rent itself out for the last two hours of the day. Although the website clearly stated that they were open until 9. However, I guess we shouldn't have put too much stock in the website because the manager clearly (and very rudely) stated that it wasn't THEIR website, it was the CITY'S website. While I'm not really sure what the difference is because there is only one website, she then very rudely told us to leave. We then went to Plan B and got some delicious Mac and Cheese at Quincy Market. I recommend this to both grown-ups and kids alike... go to the Mac and Cheese place at Quincy Market! It's great... a million kinds of Mac and Cheese and they make the cheese sauce right in front of you. Wonderful.

Tomorrow Dex and I are headed up to VT with my dad... on our own. Without Logan. He's going to have some actual, real, true alone time. I wonder how he'll spend his pseudo-bachelor time. He said he was probably going to sit around and play video games. I bet he'll also do some really exciting things like... sleep. Dex and I will have adventures on our road trip with Grandpa. More stories to come!

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