Friday, January 15, 2010

In a Slightly Better Place

Oh my. Although things can get/ have been a little rough recently, I just try to keep reminding myself of just how lucky I am. I currently am married to a man who I love with all my heart (and he love me back... just as much), have a roof over our heads, a car to get us around, food for us, we both have jobs, and I am looking down at this beautiful boy that holds more of my heart than I knew I had.

Declan is getting so much more personality daily. I'm pretty sure that if he keeps half the looks and charm that he has now... he will be able to get far. Like I said before he has the army-man crawl down, has three (possibly four) teeth coming in, he is starting to lift himself up, and can push pretty much anything around. He explores EVERYTHING... which also includes pulling down anything and everything he possibly can. He is definitely a handful, but the best kind.

Logan is working for Barnes and Noble Cafe. After working there for about four days, he got promoted and transferred. He just started that last week, which means that he is finally full-time, which will hopefully lift some of our financial struggles off our backs. I am watching the three kids, and it is amazing to see how much they have grown in the last six months. Leo has started walking. It is great to have him as an influence for Declan to see where his next step is.

We have been thinking a lot about moving to Texas in September. We are getting to the point where we really want to be able to buy a house (someday... probably not soon) and since Logan's family is all down there, we feel as though we should experience living down there before deciding where to be more long-term. Hopefully we can get everything together to go and visit Austin in April when I have a break, which will solidify our decision one way or another.

Anyway, that's about all I have for now... back to playing with my gorgeous, happy little man!

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  1. Hey lady! Glad to hear about Logan's job! And the Texas experiment sounds interesting. Cheaper housing and less crime for sure! Love the happy baby pictures.



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