Sunday, January 31, 2010


I am very excited. I am FINALLY getting off my bum and doing something about the remnants of the baby belly that I have. I lost a lot of the weight fairly soon after having Declan, but ten months later, I'm ready to finally get rid of the mass of jelly around my belly and hips. So I gave in and got a Wii so I can have a Wii Fit. The boys are in a transitional time of napping where between the two of them, they nap all day it seems. Of course, usually one is up at a time, so I don't get much of a break... but at least they're fun... most of the time. So due to the napping and the fact that it is single digits (and though I like going outside... I'm not a glutton for punishment) here, it is pretty hard for me to get active. I've thought about gyms and such, but since I am always taking care of Declan, there is no way I could ever get there.

This all led me to the Wii Fit. I can work out, at home, when Declan is asleep.
I started today, and did 27 game time minutes of working out.
My Wii Fit age is 37... yuck.
My weight is 156.7 (not too much more than my pre-baby weight, but my figure is for sure not the same)
My BMI is just over 22.

So my goal for now is to lose 3 lbs in 2 weeks and get my BMI down to 20.
Wish me luck!

(Also I just want you to know that I finished up by eating the rest of my Chinese leftover. Logan was amused. What can I say? I can't change instantly!)

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