Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last night I ran another two miles.

It was way harder. I'm sure I wasn't hydrated enough. I had some cramps in my belly which made it harder to run. However, I talked myself through it. The night before I hit the wall of the running being ok about .5 miles into the run. Last night it took about 1.25 miles to have it be ok. At around .75 miles I really thought I would just stop after one but I knew I would be kicking myself after.

A big part of it being hard is that I don't really have any good running clothes. I have heavy cotton clothes which aren't good for TX humid Summer heat. (You know- the heat that makes it impossible for my house to get get below 80 until 5am) I decided that if I can keep it up another week (until payday) then I will treat myself to a new athletic shirt and shorts.

With the weight- down another 1/2 pound, so three pounds all together in the last week. Getting there.

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