Monday, April 4, 2011

To My Two Year Old

Oh to my Dearest Dex,

I barely even know how to start this. I feel as though our lives are in a constant whirlwind of action that it is hard for me to slow down enough to even get these thoughts out. And as I say that, it might not be that it is hard for me to slow the time down, but hard for me to start letting out thoughts on my love for you because it will overwhelm me so.

This weekend you turned two. Saturday marked the two year date from the time I spent in the hospital waiting, working, and then finally getting to meet you. My son. I often don't feel old enough to have a son. But I do know one thing... that we belong together. I have watched you learn to do more than just take in the world around you as you did when you were so small. You now take over the world. Where you once couldn't even sit up on your own, you now can barely contain yourself to a walk.

You run.

Declan, you run. You sing, you yell, you give the biggest hugs and kisses I could ask for. You can sing the abc's and count to ten. You can put on your own shoes. Every day I am amazed by how much you know and how much you are constantly learning. I love to sit back and watch as you play by yourself, making food in your kitchen and driving cars around the living room. You are quickly becoming a child... a real boy if you will. I am so proud of you, but it goes by so much quicker than I would like.

In the last two years I have lost a lot of sleep. I have been so mad I could spit sometimes. And I have had more bodily functions tossed on to me than I knew possible. But it has all been so worth it. Because I have known more love than I ever knew my heart could handle. You light up my life and mean more to me than anything. I wish I could drop everything and be with you all (well... most) of the time.

I know that you are going to be a great big brother. I know this because you are already a great son and friend. If you teach the new baby half of what you have taught me then the love you share will be never-ending.

All the love in my heart,


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