Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday!

I so often write about my child, myself and occasionally my husband. But that leaves a huge part of my life missing. I don't so much write about my friends. I wrote a short post about a visit from one of my dearest friends, but didn't really get into our friendship so much as post a few photos of her playing with my child. I would like to perhaps change that a little. I think I'll start today as a Happy Birthday post to one of my BFFs, Lauren.

We met through a mutual friend at college and it took awhile for our friendship to blossom. We went from being two attendants at the same party to having a commute to the same student teaching school. That meant we were now spending mornings sitting next to each other on the train and working on the crossword together. This blossomed into hanging out more afterward and eventually just hanging out all the time. Bars, concerts, roadtrips... we did a lot. Once we even rescued a dog. We lived in different parts of town (Dorcester and Brookline) but we made efforts to see each other at least once a week. We had a pretty standing lunch date, and at one particular lunch date we made that fateful trip to the drug store to buy the test that said "PREGNANT."

I'm really not sure that there is a bigger bond that can come from friends that share such a scary moment together. She helped me through those first few scary hours until I could tell my now husband our new life that would be starting. She was there for me through my pregnancy and a few months later we got to share the joys and terror that is unplanned pregnancy together. I loved watching our babies get to grow up together for their first year. I wish that we had lived closer during that time, and now I really wish that we lived closer.  I miss coffee dates and playground times and getting to watch our children together. Hopefully this distance won't last forever. (Move to Texas please?) But this is a tribute to our ever growing friendship!

Starting our friendship

My 21st Birthday 

The cold ocean during Spring Break- Myrtle Beach

So pregnant she had the baby the day after my wedding.

The first time our babies met.


  1. I love you Kate. <3 I'd type more but I'm sure you know me well enough to realize I'm tearing up. <3

  2. This is so cute/omg i miss u guys/ omg plz come back or at least visit /omg i almost wanna move to texas just so Dex and Sierra can be pals and Logan can teach me to spit fire and you and I can make a scrabble team called "TEAM SUCK" <3 -C

  3. p.s. blog button coming a.s.a.p. <3 -C


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