Monday, March 21, 2011

It's a... Boy!

Oh guys. We had our ultrasound today. And everything was perfect. We measured great and got to see our little BOY swimming around and putting his hands over his head. We got to see his legs moving around and his heart beating and his little face. I am in awe of the human body.

And I can't believe that we're having another boy. This pregnancy is SO different than the last one that I swore it HAD to be a girl because how could it possibly be the same sex and be so different? I guess I was wrong on that one. I think it all became more real today. Sometimes I really can't believe that Logan and I are parents at all. We have this child that has grown from only being able to stare into our eyes to a boy who can run across the restaurant before we can even leap out of our chairs. Now, we will be entrusted with not one but TWO lives. Two boys.

I think the strangest part for me is that they are going to be two different people. I am totally okay with being Declan's mommy. I know how to do that. I suppose that I thought if it was a girl it would really seem like two different children, but I am really having to think hard about that I won't have two Declans. I'll have two different little boys. Brothers. Declan will be a big brother. With a little brother.

I have a DVD of the ultrasound and it just amazes me to watch the little arms move around. I sometimes sort of feel the baby, but other than that I really don't feel pregnant most of the time. I'm not really sick, I don't really have any aches and pains, and I have legit only gained three pounds. (And that may only have been because I ate two tacos on the way to the Dr appointment) I guess I am just lucky this time around, but it makes me nervous sometimes. I'm so happy that the baby is measuring perfectly and we have gotten good reports on everything all around.

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