Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!

So, This Halloween was absolutely perfect. Declan had a great time at school on Friday Trick-or-Treating down the halls and learning what grabbing candy and shoving it in a bag was all about. Unfortunately he ate a chocolate cupcake in his white toga (white costumes for toddlers = momfail) so I had to do some quick thinking and decided just to turn it around. It didn't turn out 100% like I wanted, but hopefully next year he'll actually stand still and try it on for five seconds so I don't just have to guess at EVERY measurement. Probably not. I guess we'll have to see. 

On the actual Halloween, Logan had to work so Declan and I spent the morning lounging and he spent a good amount of the afternoon deciding not to nap. He finally fell asleep, took a nice little nap, and we headed over to our new friend's house for a little Halloween party. I guess I was expecting more of an actual Halloween party, but what I got was even better. Rather than a million kids dressed up and a spooky house or whatever a Halloween party entails, it was just a nice family get-together. Of course there were delicious cupcakes and candy galore, but mostly it was just a family hanging out. There was a mini game of cornhole, and kickball. It felt a little like being home. While it made me miss my family a little, I feel like something inside me got partially filled up. 

Declan was adorable as a little Roman man, though without his laurel wreath (that he wore for all of thirty seconds... that is a while of taking time to sew taken out of my life) he may or may not have been mistaken for a little girl in a dress? I don't know. I think he was cute. We walked along the streets with two double strollers, kids in tow, and Declan rode in his "Chariot" from house to house learning to walk up the drive and say "Tri Tri" and grab candy. It was so precious to see him actually caring and learning what it was all about.

Even Daddy got into the Halloween spirit!

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