Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Happy. It is a beautiful 84 degrees out, I have been filing and not having to reprimand small ones all day and my son walked away from me when we entered the classroom this morning. He is getting to be a big, independent boy and as my last post proved, sometimes it gets me a little misty-eyed. Not today. Today I will revel in the joy in my heart and my lovely boy that I spied fingerpainting at a table with his friends earlier. I will think of the luck I have to possess a husband who let me have some "me time" while he watched Declan and made us all dinner the other night. And gets me ice cream. I have a family that I know would do anything from me, in this time zone and the time zone next to me. I am starting to gain friends and have friends to go to a Halloween party with and go trick-or-treating together. I have a full time job with discounted child-care. I don't have to take work home with me so I get to spend all my time with my loves. My husband has a job that he loves, and I am pretty fond of too. I have friends that make time to chat with me even though we have babies joining the conversation on both sides. I have a roof over my head.

Some days (as we all do) I get down and get so worried about staying down that it keeps me down. I think a switch was flipped and today I just feel good. I am happy and so happy with my little family. I hope everyone out there counts their blessings often. It is awesome to know that I may not have a lot in the eyes of a lot of people, but I sure have a lot of love and that is what really matters.

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