Monday, August 2, 2010

Sorry so short

So most of my entries have been pretty short lately. I think that with the no-job situation and trying to figure out our lives I am just plain tired. I wish I had words of wisdom or funny comments, but my brain seems pretty fried.

We went down to visit my dad yesterday. Declan and I were able to spend the day out on his boat (and get use out of Declan's life jacket) and go to the beach. It was really nice to take a day off of worrying about moving stuff and just be. We swam and played in the sand and ate seafood and just had a nice time.

Today was the day that we had to start saying goodbye. I'm pretty sure it hasn't hit me that we're really leaving yet. I'm pushing that feeling off until the last second and I'm sure poor Logan will have to deal with most of it. (Sorry in advance love!) But the trailer is reserved... storage is set... place to live and flights and everything have been booked... it's really happening.

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