Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Things that are making me smile right now.

5. Declan with TJ the cat. He's so excited to have an animal that will actually let him come over and pet him. He is so gentle and gets so happy.

4. Declan trying new food. He's been doing so much better. I'm a little nervous to have to start making him lunch, but he's been eating a lot more at home.

3. The feeling that anything can happen. What a treat to have a new start. I can't wait to be settled so when people come to visit we can show them around.

2. Watching Declan in the pool. We got him a new inner tube/ bathing suit thing today so he can be more independent and he LOVES it. He can swim from me to Logan and I love watching his legs kick kick kick.

1. The fact that even though it is due to lack of jobs which some may stress most about, I'm more enjoying our family time together. We get to run errands and actually have dinner together. After missing so much time with Logan due to his job, I'm loving it.

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