Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Small Things

Winding down from another pseudo "vacation" day. I did some job searching and applying and such, but we also got a lot of family play time in. I love being able to be with my boys. Yes, I'm slightly stressing about the job and home situation... but I'm also taking time just to love and laugh. In the end I'm pretty sure I'll be more happy that I soaked up those moments than made myself sick with stress.

Logan's cousin-in-law Bryan came over with his kids today. It was nice for Declan to get some playtime in with other kiddos. He had lots of fun showing off his splashing skills in the pool and even attempted to swim on his own (to the terror of Mommy and Daddy). Luckily three grownups can move pretty fast. I applaud all of our reaction timing.

Logan made dinner while I tried to get some odds and ends done and Declan occupied himself by playing with things on the floor. It's really the little things that count. I'm sure that soon enough Logan's job schedule will rip him away once again from family time, so I'm enjoying what I have while I have it.

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