Monday, August 30, 2010

A Not So Update

There really isn't a whole lot to report. We've been spending our time looking for jobs and apartments. Now the Catch 22 is that we can't really get an apartment without having a job... and it's hard to know where to look for jobs without knowing where we're going to be living.

I feel as though I am stuck in an endless frustrating cycle of applying for jobs and hearing NOTHING back. At this point I don't even know what to do. Applying for jobs online doesn't seem to be working at all. I

I didn't think this would be a problem. Ever. I thought that because I had worked hard enough to get my Master's that I would get a job- no problem. I was pregnant and taking three grad classes and working full time. No sweat. I had three kids under the age of three for over ten hours of my day every day. Practice makes perfect. I was smart enough to graduate several things and had leadership roles in school. I am a hard worker. I can multi-task and can organize.

I just don't know how to actually get a job. I don't mean to be beating a dead horse about this subject, but I wish that they had taught us more real world skills in school. I feel as though I have been in a bubble just doing things that people had been telling me to do for so long... that now I don't know how to just do things on my own. I did the homework they told me to do, signed up for the classes they told me to and now... I don't really know what to do. I am tired of putting in effort for cover letters when it seems as though 99% of companies don't even tell you they got it. Ugh.


  1. I've started showing up in the HR offices of some of the school districts near me. It's harder to ignore me that way. Around here the HR offices send people to interview with the principals so I figure that if something comes up that meets my credentials they are more likely to send someone they can put a face to. It's not something I'm really comfortable doing (I feel like I'm being too pushy) but I have gotten more interviews that way then just submitting online.. Just one idea I thought I would share.

  2. You have the book "The Job-Hunter's Survival Guide"...reread Chapter 4.

    - Marybeth

  3. Beeeee pushy!!!



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